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Hi everybody.
Ever wanted to play space invaders when you can't find a GUI?
Now you can!
And it looks like this:

motherfucking crazy screenshot

You’re interested and want to see more? Then go to our summary page and get the latest release.
You also can get the latest snapshot of our working code through our cvs-repository by simply log into the cvs-server at and checkout all the stuff. (description for this, here)

There’s still much to do, so we need *YOU* as beta tester! Go and get the funky nInvaders, feel free to join our mailinglists, and help us to improve the oldschool nInvaders and...

rock ’n roll!

new release out now: nInvaders 0.1.1
* added timer - now playable under irix, windows, some redhat-versions
* added title-screen
* removed bug: shooting last alien sometimes freezed game
DOWNLOAD it here!!

here are the old sreenshots. so enjoy it!
version 0.1.1: (1)Added title-screen and lots of otha stylish things.
version 0.0.10: (1) | (2)The U.F.O.! Shoot it for an extra bonus! Whoopie!
version 0.0.9PLEASE mail me if you have got older Versions or Screenshots Logo   Authors: thomas dettbarn-> | alexander hollinger-> | sebastian gutsfeld-> | matthias thar->
link to very special hp of ninvaders founder: